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Grodan Gro-Slabs Growing Media

Seven minutes—packed with info! We take a look at Grodan A-OK starter plugs (rockwool cubes), Grodan Delta 3-inch and 4-inch rockwool blocks, Hugo 6-inch blocks, Big Mamma 8-inch blocks, Unislabs and loose fill rockwool growing media. We cover pre-soaking rockwool, adjusting pH, charging up with hydroponic nutrients, hardening off seedlings and cuttings, and transplanting into […]

Plant Growth Supplements Every Hydroponics Professional Should Have

The sad reality is that most hydroponic crops never reach their maximum potential. With hydroponics, you have the capability to attain much quicker growth and much grander harvests than what is possible in soil gardens. But one can only reap these benefits if one fully pays attention to the garden’s development and educate oneself on […]

Fluorescent Lights are Essential for Plant Growth

Light is the ultimate source of energy used in photosynthesis for plant growth. But light can’t defined as one simple entity. The growth response is influenced by the quality, intensity and duration of the light. The energy contained in light is absorbed in plants in the form of chlorophyll. Not all wavelengths of light are […]