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When Selecting Your Grow Tent Humidifier

What To Consider When Selecting Your Grow Tent Humidifier?

As you slowly transition to a more sophisticated hydroponic garden, a grow tent is a standard upgrade. You can conveniently manage specific settings for higher efficiency and increased yields. From every factor influencing indoor plant growth, humidity is a significant one. With the help of a grow tent humidifier, you can regulate and maintain the humidity balance in your grow tent.

Why do you even need to do that in the first place? In simple terms, humidity affects your plants’ moisture loss and CO2 intake. Too much humidity can cause moisture loss, but it can also prevent CO2 from getting in. You can avoid this issue by maintaining a proper humidity balance. A good range at each stage will also ensure better nutrient absorption, regulate water loss, and even prevent mold and other harmful organisms from breeding.

Like there is a diverse range of equipment for indoor growth gardens, there are various grow tent humidifiers. However, there are a few keys to know which one to choose, which will explain next. Make sure to read until the end to help you make the best purchase.

Review Your Options First

We are not talking only about the brand because there are many rankings for a grow tent humidifier. We will focus on the actual types of humidifiers instead. There are four of them, which we have listed below along their distinctive traits:

  • Cool Water Humidifier: It emits cool water and requires filters as well as more maintenance.
  • Warm Water Humidifier: It emits warm water and requires filters but is affordable.
  • Ultrasonic Humidifier: You can choose if it emits warm or cool water. Works through a vibration plate, making it less noisy. It doesn’t require filters but uses only distilled water instead.
  • Evaporative Humidifiers: They circulate vapor by blowing air from a moist wick or cloth.

Now that you know your options, it’s a lot easier to select one based on specific criteria. We analyze the top considerations to make when buying a grow tent humidifier next.


As we mentioned, specific humidity ranges are required at different growth stages and even depending on the plant type. We recommend measuring your grow tent’s humidity settings first and choose a grow tent humidifier based on that. Some styles have a humidistat to control humidity levels, and others have timer controls. When you want to regulate the settings manually, make sure your grow tent humidifier allows it.

Size Capacity

We mentioned before that grow tents are varied, and so are the size capacity of a grow tent humidifier. Choosing one is a matter of checking how much sq ft it can cover. Otherwise, you will have spent money, but your plants still won’t get enough moisture. Check your tent size first before buying.

You also want to inspect the actual size of the unit. Some grow tent humidifiers come in compacted sizes, and others are bigger. Whatever suits your requirements is the right choice.

Water Supply & Capacity

The grow tent humidifier size relates to the number of water gallons it can store. Reviewing this is important, but also, what type of water you’ll have to use to fill your grow tent humidifier. If you’d like to skip filter replacement, your no-filter grow tent humidifier requires purified water. On the other hand, to use regular water, filters are a must.

Some types require purified water, but others work fine with regular water, thanks to the filters, so keep an eye out for that.


If you don’t want to hear a fan loud all day, especially in an indoor closed space, you’ll need a grow tent humidifier that isn’t too noisy. You can find noiseless designs.Ultrasonic grow tent humidifiers don’t make a lot of noise, for instance. Suppose you don’t see any specifications regarding a quiet operation. In that case, you can check the decibel levels of a grow tent humidifier.

Ready To Make the Best Purchase

After reading this guide, you won’t find choosing a grow tent humidifier hard at all. Whatever brand you encounter, you can put it to the test with these criteria. Start searching here at our store if you require a grow tent humidifier (AC / Dehumidification / Humidification Archives – Spectrum Hydroponics). This and more products are available to boost your hydroponic garden. Visit our online shop today!

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