Xtrasun 1000W 120/240V HPS/MH Conv Ballast


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An Xtrasun convertible ballast means extra flexibility for your gardening. Use halide for growing, then once plants have started, switch to sodium bulbs for flowering.


  • Convert from sodium to halide and back
  • Dual voltage
  • Works with Hydrofarm reflectors and most others
  • Aluminum fins for more cooling surface
  • 120V/240V (208v capable*)

NOTE: *For 208v internal wiring change is required

This ballast no longer has 277V wire taps. BAC100MT does have these wire taps, however it still comes wired to 120/240V.

Additional information

Weight 37.6 lbs
Dimensions 16.6 × 10.8 × 9.7 in


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