Rosin Industries Pollenex 150 Gram Dry Sift Tumbler


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The Pollenex Dry Sift Tumblers allow you to tumble a capacity of up to 150, 500 or 1500 g of material for easy pollen separation. Pollen tumblers are solvent-free, clean and an organic process for a more pure extraction. Each tumbler has a 145 micron mesh screen cylinder drum. These tumblers have an encapsulated leak-free container with a hinged lid for ease of use. The 6 V DC motor with AC-DC converter is completely enclosed to protect it and the wiring. All tumblers are 110 V electrical power. 150 gram tumbler measures 15.75 in W x 13 in H x 15.75 in L, the 500 gram measures 15.75 in W x 13 in H x 23 in L and 1500 gram measures 22 in W x 19 in H x 31 in L.

Additional information

Weight 12.65 lbs
Dimensions 21.7 × 12.7 × 14.8 in


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