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Plant Growth Supplements Every Hydroponics Professional Should Have

The sad reality is that most hydroponic crops never reach their maximum potential. With hydroponics, you have the capability to attain much quicker growth and much grander harvests than what is possible in soil gardens.

But one can only reap these benefits if one fully pays attention to the garden’s development and educate oneself on the range of plant growth enhancers that are available in the market.

These plant growth enhancers are what every hydroponics grower must have in their inventory:

B Vitamins – Just like us, hydroponically grown plants can benefit significantly from a consistent intake of vitamins. Particularly, the most helpful vitamins that plants can receive are vitamins B1 and B12. The primary benefit is that these vitamins assist in fighting off stress.

Stress, usually triggered by less than ideal conditions in your grow room, can severely damage your plants ability to saturate nutrients and stunt growth. These supplements fight off this stress and help support much more rapid growth.

They also help greatly by increasing your plants overall metabolism. This makes them more capable to utilizing the nutrients you place in your hydroponics reservoir.

Helpful Fungus – Mostly all hydroponic growers truly work hard to decrease the instances of fungal growth in their hydroponic garden, typically by controlling humidity and other factors. If you find that your plants have a lot of harmful fungi growing on them, you might have to use more fungicide to help your plants recover.

Nevertheless, there is a whole category of fungus that act as plant growth enhancers, most particularly trichoderma. These organisms work symbiotically with hydroponically plant roots, increasing their size and improving their efficacy in soaking up nutrients. Additionally, trichoderma can essentially decrease your odds of having to deal with fungi that can hurt your plant, like rust.

Growth Enhancing Bacteria – One of the most essential plant growth enhancers that one should use is a hydroponics product that contains beneficial bacteria aka growth enhancing bacteria. Growth Enhancing Bacteria, when introduced to your reservoir, can rapidly colonize in your root system, helping the roots develop thicker and larger. Additionally, bacteria will affect your nutrient solution, specifically the nitrogen.

The majority of nitrogen in your nutrient solution is really useless in its natural form. Before it can be soaked into your roots, it must initially be converted into a nutrient that is actually beneficial to your plant. Bacteria becomes very helpful with this process, producing remarkably beneficial bacteria at a very rapid pace.

Fulvic and Humic Acid – One of the easiest and the most cost efficient means of increasing overall nutrient absorption, and thus improving yield and growth, is using fulvic and humic acid. These humates, particularly when combined together, can make your nutrient solution extremely more effective and fruitful.

Furthermore, humates can essentially interact with other supplements that you use, increasing their effectiveness. But most of all, these acids help alongside your growth enhancing bacteria, contributing extra resources to grow, multiply, and thrive.

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