Hydro Store Near Cerritos

Hydro StoreLooking for a Hydro Store near Cerritos? Come visit the professionals at Spectrum Hydro. We have everything that you need to grow the best plants and we are just a quick drive from Cerritos. If you are new to hydroponics, we can help you to better understand hydro growing. Here are a few common questions that we have been asked. Why grow with hydroponics? Hydroponics allows for optimally controlled environment and growth. Hydroponics uses less water than growing your plants in traditional soil. Some testing has shown that in some cases up to 90% less water was used versus traditional soil-based agriculture. In a hydroponics system, less water is used since the required water is supplied in fixed proportions and a controlled environment. Also, water is recycled in this system. This is very advantageous compared to irrigation where much water is wasted without recycling or in the traditional farming methods.


Whether you are looking for hydro lights, nutrients or whole hydro systems, we have you covered. Spectrum hydro has everything you need for any size project. We are the hydro store in the Cerritos area that people trust. From lighting to nutrients to full hydro systems, we have everything you need. Visit our store or purchase on-line. Our hydro store near Cerritos will help your hydroponic plants grow larger than growing traditionally. Clich HERE to get directions to our hydro store near Cerritos